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The X RoAD

At various stages of my life & pursuit of meaning, I have grown to appreciate those who have a talent for doing things I know are beyond me…  This is the crossroad of where CTRL V finds itself…  SURF vs ART EXPRESSION…

Guys & Gals blowin up in the water, searching for the soul of surfing, back to the roots, feeling the glide, power & freedom – the smile that ignites a face, a glow, a feeling of STOKE.

Guys n Gals blowin up on canvas, with spray cans, with crayons, behind a lens or in front of a flat screen – a yarn, an expression, a gag, a love, a loss.  We dig the freedom of expression in all forms…

Surfing has a real creative feel to it as an activity.  You create a ride from your own ability, imagination and the energy of a wave.  The same can be said about art, it requires ability (like surfing skill is irrelevant, subjective and personal), imagination and energy from the subject.

The product of both are unique, from a moment, from a spark.  We see Surfing & Art intertwined, not sure where one begins & the other ends…

Without bangin on too much, CTRL V has 3 goals

1.         Enable board riders everywhere to express themselves.
2.         Connect local & emerging artists with a broad spectrum of appreciators.
3.         DO GOOD HAVE FUN

With this in mind we thought it would be interesting for our launch to meet these goals…

We are hosting an Exhibition of the Fine Artists that we are fortunate enough to have on board.  We are dedicated to celebrating those with skills & abilities that amaze us and take us places we cannot go by ourselves.   This is the essence of our exhibition & our launch… THE BOARDROOM – CTRL V Artist Collection Exhibition.

Featuring works by

Come & join us to celebrate the ‘debut’ of our baby & check out our stunning range of DCals & Artisan’s works.

Saturday 12th October – from 5.30pm
Just Us Gallery Maroochydore

THE BOARDROOM, is also the Launch /event / party for CTRL V.  We are keen to share our STOKE with all of you…

Hope to see you there & if not… the photo’s will tell the story – hopefully they won’t be too incriminating!



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