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Day 14/15 – Homeward Bound

Arriving in Bali & having the chance to show Rick & Wade around was a true highlight.

We started, as you do, by getting screwed around by a beamo driver that didn’t know where we were staying. Dropping us at the wrong hotel (Sun Hotel – not the Sun Spa Hotel), before he could get too far the hotel security had hailed him back. I had tried to wave him back but he had retuned a smiled & waved… FAARRKKK. Fortunately, all was resolved & we were shunted on to the Sun Spa.

The Sun Spa Hotel, was perfectly suited to our needs, drop n run, crash & go. We dropped our stuff off & went & laughed about the morning over cold beer.

Taking in the sights of down town Legian was an eye opener for the lads, with all sort of gear for sale & services available… we strolled though the gangs, starting to collect a cache for the crews at home.

An early-ish dinner & we headed home to recharge for a full day, our last…

Friday came around & we headed out on bikes, I was keen to play tour guide through Legian, Seminyak, Berawa & Canggu. We headed to the beach, grabbed a Kopi & headed into the palatial surrounds of Seminyak. Checking out the 100 surfers jostling for an open face at Old Man’s, the gem that is Berawa. Calling in at the Deus Temple of Enthusiasm & a bit of luxury by the pool at Potato Head & so on… A bit of a gringo’s guide to the area, but fun none the less. It was a great way to end an amazing couple of weeks with two awesome mates.

The flight home awaits & on the other side Dani, the boys, the pups & reality…

It was surreal & so real… I’ll be back to Lombok in a heart beat.




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