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Day 11 – Surf, Eat, Drink, Sleep – REPEAT!

We had been chatting to one of the local surf guides (Chang) for a few days now about the new swell & a trip to Ekkas Bay. Ekkas Bay is east of Kuta & accessible by road & by boat. The most direct route from Kuta requires both & is about a 45 minute bike ride to Awung Harbour & 20 min boat ride to the twin peaks of Outside or Inside Ekkas.

Arriving at Awung we were greeted by a crew of local grommets hanging at the harbour. The harbour is home to several hundred people (maybe 1,000), who mostly fish & farm lobster. We had deposited our bikes at Chang’s friend’s house & headed to the harbour, not before collecting the oldest grommet to come along for the ride.

Heading across the large bay we could see outside Ekkas firing off random peaks at 6ft+. We were told that Inside would be solid & fun, Outside would be big heavy, unpredictable & with a solid sweep…

Insides pls.

Arriving at Insides there were a few crew on it & very very few waves. The local grommet (later dubbed the Lombok Ripper, as he was by far & away the best local surfer we had seen) had said it will be good.

Paddling out the now 4 of us joined the line up which already had too many surfers for waves we were also joined by our boat Captian… genuine rent a crowd. Chatting to the crew in the line up there where some complaints about the lack of waves & they headed in. Almost on queue, as another couple of fellas headed back to there boats the sets rolled in & we gobbled up the soft, long & super fun left for the next 2 hours with just our crew out!

Spent… was an understatement after numerous leg burning 4ft lefts, that reeled down the line & had a couple of fun sections – reminded me of Mudjimba Is. We called it & headed to a local resort, Ekkas Breaks, for a 2 hrs rest stop.

Ekkas Breaks was an amazing place; lush grounds, great pool, well laid out & very relaxing. The exact tonic we needed.

We headed back to the boat & headed off for another surf, unsure of where to go, Chang & the Lombok Ripper discussed the options as we motored towards Awung. The Lombok Ripper, had convinced Chang that the right hand point in the harbour at Awung would be good. Getting ther we were less than impressed. It looked super soft, small & far from the designs Wade had on Outside Ekkas. We were here & a promising set rolled through.

A good 1.5 hrs later we had all enjoyed our share of the punchy, mechanical 3ft right & wondered how insane the wave would be at 6ft…

We headed in & stopped in the village for a celebratory Bintang & reflected on the day’s surf & we where freakn stoked.

Surf, eat, drink, sleep, repeat…




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