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Stuck It Gallery

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CTRL V DCals – A perfect option for aftermarket surfing accessories Australia.

Just a small sample of Surfboard Designs we have stuck so far…

CTRL V DCals are a made to measure, surfable, self adhesive decal, using the highest print quality available and delivering breath taking reproduction of digital images onto the surfboard, above the fibreglass.

Once stuck, CTRL V DCals are suitable for active surfing, or you can simply hang it on your wall, in your boardroom or buy a DCal as a perfect gift!

The CTRL V product range provides limitless options to surfboard customisation…..or any board (skateboard, body board…). Offering an ‘Off the Rack’ design range, access to our ‘Artist Collection’ including photography, urban stencil art, sketch art, digital and traditional illustration, and our BYO Designs, where you supply your own art. CTRL V brings you a wide range of amazing artists and options.

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