CTRL V board decals, or DCals to us, provide a new level of surfboard customisation or any type of board for that matter!

It’s easy U Select It, U Can Stick It, U Surf It & U Hang It!

The DCal SLAP range is ready to stick – as is. Suitable for any size board and anywhere on the board, just SLAP it on. Don’t be scared to trim the edges, or cut the panel strips up for smaller places and pieces.

A DCal is one tough Hombre. The self adhesive vinyl will conform to your curves, deal with water, heat, cold, even the playing of most of The Hoffs back catalogue, in German. A decal is UV stable and it will give your board a new level of protection and will stay put for up to 3 – 5 years*. *provided you follow our instructions.

Includes free application toolkit with every order!
Custom board graphics
Custom board graphics