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Day 8 – Seger Reef our new fav & Here’s Johnny

Outside Lefts was our target today with a waning swell & a positive forecast for a few days time, testing ourselves in what was left of the fetch was in order.

After our big adventure yesterday I handed back the Tracker that evening. Concerned for the state of the clutch, battery & starter motor after many many restarts from the torturous day before, I got a near new 125cc scooter. 10/10 on comfort but 2/10 on cool… happy with the result, I try to err on the comfy side every time.

The short ride to Grupuk is getting familiar & the potholes are continuing to expand. Arriving at the harbour, Wade & I hopped the boat & headed to the surf. Rick had called a lay day.

Outside lefts was a shifty & bumpy 4ft with 1 guy on it, not the perfection we had consumed a few days ago but fun & challenging all the same. Numerous waves & a few hours later we headed back to the harbour.

Wado was intent on checking Seger Reef on the way home, stoked we did. Greeted by a solid 4-6ft heaving right, easy in, sectiony & a nice bowl to finish.

We fuelled up on a plate of $1, Bakmi Goreng (fried noodles, eggs & veges) & headed out.

The set up has a friendly channel, smiling locals & long winding rights, Wade & I chatted to the 6 or so other guys in the water mostly local grommets. We hooked in & scored some nice waves, sharing with the pack & hooting each other as the waves pulsed. Seger turns out to be heavily tide effected & we had turned up just a bit late… we still had fun, but after 20 mins on the beach & 1.5hrs in the water the place began to pump as it was when we had turned up 2.5 hrs earlier.

On the beach we had a few beers chatted to the locals & it reminded me of Nusa Dua in the early nighties before the hotels, it was simple, agricultural, friendly & cheap. This is the place to chill for a half a day or so, surf a couple of times support the local Warungs & relax watching the sun go down.

Home we collapsed surfed out, sunburnt & stoked. We were consumed by the deluge of cold air as we walked into our room, the constantly running AC was a welcome relief from the hot and dusty ride from Seger.

After chilling for a couple of hours we hit the town warming up for the Surfer Bar live music night. Cold beer, check, cheap & tasty Indo food, check, Kombi Cocktail bar, check…      arrive at surfer bar at 9pm sufficiently lubricated, check.

The surfer bar was jumping, the band played very well, with an eclectic mix of covers ranging from Bob Marley to Dire Straits, from Jimi Hendrix to Red Foo. To say shuffling the covers would be a terrible pun.

Wado found a new mate, Johnny, local bar fly, serial line stepper (overer) dregs tipper, dog freaker, close sitter & table knocker. On reflection I am pretty sure he was not quite all there, but was one hell of a pest last night, I could have been more empathetic. Eventually, Wado befriended a super good looking female Boxer & coaxing her up on our lounge, Johnny freaked & he headed off, not before emptying our empty’s.

After 2 sets on the head, I headed home ready to turn around & take off into the next day.





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