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DAY 9 – Just another day in Kuta Lombok

Slow start to the day, after a hectic evening before with the stale taste of Bintang fresh in our mouths. The swell continuing to decrease before a pulse next week. A day hanging out at Seger was on the agenda.

Arriving for the mid tide session, mid morning we scored a few. It was a bit junky 2-4ft, cross shore, with a light crowd & heavy debris factor.

Numerous occasions we have surfed with all types of rubbish in the water, plastics mostly & plant material. Whilst, Lombok is infinitely less coated in a veneer of shopping bags, cigarette butts & food packaging, it is in escapable. Rubbish fires punctuate the morning & afternoon skies as the days before refuse is sacrificed to the range of Oni Global Super Corporations of the land. I have no idea what the answer is to the waste management needs of Lomobok, but education, cultural awareness & government infrastructure all appear to be generally absent… (lefty musing complete).

After 2 surfs, some lunch, Rick & I headed home to relax. We recalibrated & headed out to one of the many spa’s offering all kinds of beauty & therapeutic services. As bogan as it sounds I freakn, love me a foot massage / reflexology, I find it almost hypnotically relaxing. Rick & I headed to the local spa & took in a good hour of blissful hoof heaven.

On the way home, the main street of Kuta, for a brief moment became Flemington Race Track, with three 8-10 y/o boys in full gallop atop three huge, what looked to be, thoroughbreds. On the very edge of control careening across the asphalt they strode past, the fleeing bikes, cars & people… just another day in Kuta.

Dinner was taken & laughs shared as we planned the next Day.




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