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DAY 10 – Not feeling it

Not feeling it… Fluey thing I have been trying to drown in beer is back… So with limited wave options as the current swell dies, I called a lay day, which pretty well consisted of sleeping for the whole morning. I was definitely in need of some catch up.

Wade & Rick headed to Seger & got a few, similar to the day before but more crowded as the local swell magnet drew in the local grommets.

Returning around midday, we headed to a bar up the road that promoted that it showed the NRL live… the Sharkies were on in the local derby vs the Dragons – perfect! A cpl of beers over lunch, the Sharkies feasted on the drags & I was pretty content to rest a little more during the arvo.

Over the past week we have been chatting to one of the many many Sarong sellers, with Wade buying a swag from one for Deb’s (wife) Massage business. So with a good relationship struck with Karin early on, we have chatted & joked with her & her friends for the last week or so. Karin, was keen for us to see her village & to cook us a traditional Lombok Saasak meal (feast).

Tonight was the night we headed to Karin’s village, she met us with her son Dimas & we headed inland about 15 mins to her home, outside the of Sasak town. The village was simple & constructed from brick, tile & concrete (mostly), some structure were more traditional, bamboo everything.

Karin introduced her husband & her other son 15 month old Duffa, as we sat to eat on the floor of her parents home. Karin, had spent all afternoon preparing a genuine feast for us, with several snacky delicacies things made from rice as starters. The main course of 2 whole BBQ Tuna, Chicken Satay, trio salad of local veges, spiced & roasted coconut & pickled chillies & beans, tofu, a Vege soup, Sambal & Kopi Lombok to wash it down. UNFREAKN BELEIVABLE meal! We didn’t get through half of what had been prepared, but judging by the discussion & the surrounds, nothing would be wasted.

We ate & drank & chatted, watched the family & village life act out. Dimas & Duffa had an argument. Duffa ran around with a chicken under his wing… his version of a soft toy.

Fully fed & unable to fit in even a wafer, we wandered about the village. The pervasive plague of food packaging was everywhere, but the smiles where as prevalent.

We thanked all of our hosts for their abundant & authentic generosity, with hearty hand shakes & a few Rupiah & headed home in the dying light of the day.

Tomorrow we will get a new swell & are off to Ekkas for a day of fun filled wave action.




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