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Day 6 – Early, early start & struggling with a touch of Man Flu

Early, early start & struggling with a touch of Man Flu (so you know I’m crook), we headed to Grupuk in the predawn light in search of waves & to beat the crowd.

The road to Grupuk is terrible during the day, in the dark it is made worse by the gazillion mossies that kamakazeed there way into our faces… Glasses less we all managed to cop a couple in the eyes, mouth, ear etc… we arrived at Grupuk ready to go at 6.30 & were ushered out to check the surf.

The set up at Grupuk allows for all skill levels & even at 6.45am there were > 25 leaners & as many Indo guides in the water at a 1-2ft Inside Rights. We headed to check Outside Rights which wasn’t quite doing its thing, although with clearly more swell the day before.

In the distance, a set rolled through Outside Lefts & it looked promising, we headed that way & as we got closer we could not have been more wrong, it was absolutely firing!!!!

Outside Lefts is a mostly easy in left with a good hollow section, that can run down the line for quite away. Today at 3-6ft, the first section was barrelling on the sets & the next section on most waves shutting down, but on some they raced for a good 50-100 mtrs.

It was the day we had all hoped for, clean, solid & uncrowded (surfed mostly with one other guy). Barrels sought but none really stuck, plenty of ill timed & ill executed attempts. The tube was a little fickle & pinched a bit, but the wave was not to blame…

The morning grew, as did our stoke, swapping waves & getting whaled on the inside. The swell grew also, which made the process a little more challenging & after getting caught by 2 clean up sets , I gave it away suffering form a distinct lack of gas, onset by Man Flu. Wado got plenty & was surfed out soon later.

Stoked we headed back to Grupuk Harbour and some well earned breaky & to swap stories of the best surf so far. We will be back to Outside Lefts…

We moved from Yuli’s Homestay later that day to The Beach Hotel, not quite the top pub in Byron, but the views are almost as good. Next door is an amazing restaurant & down the road from a cool bar.  We might have hit the jackpot… Although all fingers are crossed that we can’t hear the amplified 4.30am call to prayer from the Mosque a couple of doors down from Yuli’s.

I am hoping the drugs from the local doc kick in soon!




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