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Day 13 Gangsta’s Paradise

The last morning we were preparing to leave to hop the flight from Praya Lombok to Bali, all is going to plan. The Duty Manager at the Beach Hotel advised that there was a problem with one of the Scooters we had returned the night before…

The Transport Service guy came by early before we were ready to leave to chat about the damage that had been sustained to Wade’s Scooters front fairing. Now we had returned the bikes the night before & no damage was detected at this time & we could not pin point any specific misadventure Wade had had, to cause the damage we were apparently responsible for.

After considering our options we quickly organised an alternative transfer (not the same crew who where now attempting to extort cash from us), as things felt like they may escalate. Now we had no idea how the damage happened & the scooter was old & shitty, but the way the locals handled it was pretty avg.

The owner turned up (a big man in Kuta who didn’t need the money – apparently) & demanded we take responsibility for the damage & pay him. We refused & started to pack our new mini van to take us the 30 mins to the airport. Realising we were preparing to depart, Biggie snatched the van keys of the idling van, jumped on his bike & began to ride off. Rick quickly closed the gates of the Hotel & we were at a bit of a stale mate.

We need to get Straigth Outta Kuta & had <90 minutes before our flight. After some further heated debate, we worked out a price to settle the dispute!!! $40 aud… I was super pissed & threw the cash on the ground & things took a fairly ugly turn. Biggie arched up & was screaming at me, I had disrespected his culture. I felt like telling him he was the one disrespecting his own culture by extorting tourists, but for $40 & with diminishing time & no real allies locally, this was not something that we needed to escalate further. Realising my cultural faux par I promptly apologised. Settled & we flew outta there.

On the cruise to Praya… with out missing a beat … Coolio started & we all had good laugh… dodging a situation that could’ve gotten difficult.




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