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Day 5 – a slower start to the day

After an epic day at Grupuk, and after the affects of one too many Bintangs, a slower start to the day would be appropriate. Slower being, we head off for a surf at 7 not 5.30.

With a dropping swell we thought an earlyish surf at Air Guling would be in order, the lefts there had been super fun & I had promised to return to Runi’s home. Runi’s eldest son Rudi (who spoke the best English) had come off his bike a week or two ago & had some nasty road rash which I said I would return to dress.

Arriving at Air Guling it looked small, weak & disappointing. I spent some time dressing Rudi’s grazes, during which people from other homes started to congregate & sought some kind of medical attention… I dressed another wound & told old mate who complained of a sore lower back, to quit beers & do yoga (I should prescribe this for myself…)

Wade & I headed for a surf, Ricko was back at home enjoying a rest day. The surf, although not epic, was clean & about 2-3ft. Some nice little runners with no one out, would’ve been a stand out session at home. Eventually, the local water patrol (3 aggro grommets) joined us with a couple of Japanese girls doing their best & narrowly avoided donating flesh to the reef. After an hour with it too ourselves we decided to head in.

Wade made Rudi’s year kindly handing him a Miami Heat BBall singlet he had had for years. Rudi, a surly teenager, could not hide his joy & quickly, rushed off to buy cigarettes (which we thought to be code for show his new wear to his buddies). We are sure that the singo is now the prized possession of our newest friend.

We did a little more exploring later in the afternoon & came across a little patch of paradise called Tanjung A’an, a white sanded bay surrounded by volcanic cliffs, which keep the water clear from any breeze & perfect for swimming & snorkelling.

At the end of Tanjung A’an was a warung (beachside bar/restaurant/shop/hire place) which was ideally located for all manner of people to relax under their gazebos. The most prominent of which were the local constabulary… who tooled up with their M16s & side arms got into the beers & danced in the late afternoon heat… was quire surreal. These guys were cheerful enough but I suspect the combo of power, booze & toolerly (both kinds) to be unhealthy mix especially if your were their first suspect after they shot off, redressed & ready for duty.

We leave Yuli’s Homestay tmrw & move closer to town & will have an unfettered view of Kuta Bay…




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