Dick Hoole

Dick Hoole is a successful film-maker, who started out with Jack McCoy back in the mid 1970’s and whose first film ‘In Search Of Tubular Swells’ (1976) is an all time classic. Dick then went on to finish his second surfing film, StormRiders, again with Jack McCoy.

Dick has one of the most extensive libraries of 16 & 35 mm film of some of the most iconic surfers from the 1970’s.  Dick is a true pioneer of the sport (we think legend), bringing images of the best surfers of the day, from best breaks around the world to us all via his films and just about every surf mag there is or ever was.

Dick’s abundant generosity, patience & love of art surfing has enabled CTRL V access to his library and we are privileged to bring you pieces of art that are fitting of both his subject and the artist, Dick Hoole.