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Day 7 – The Beachfront Hotel

The Beachfront Hotel is in the perfect position to watch the distant reefs of Kuta harbour break. Over breakfast we noticed a left start to fire up & run down the line. After 10 minutes of discussion with one of the many local surf guides we headed on out to surf Kuta reef.

A short boat ride in a deep channel & plonked ourselves into the line up on the left. Old mate the surf guide had recommended the we keep an eye on a rocky outcrop across the channel & much further out to sea, as a tell tale of the looming sets…

The sets loomed at about 4-5ft & being the only ones out Rick, Wade & I took a bit of time & adjustment to dial the section left in. With a bit of experience under our belts (a set or 2 on the head) the feast began. Swapping waves, hoots & stoke… We were joined after an hour by a Japanese couple & their surf guides & we all continued in the up beat vibe.

We headed home for R&R & dragged our selves to lunch next door.

Refuelled & re-energised Wade & I headed to Are Guling for the arvo. On the ride out, we stopped & watched the left from the road & could see a single track that ‘may’ get us there. After a bit of trepidation & mutual cajoling we headed the steep, rocky & washed out single track – ENTER – The worst 45 mins of the trip. Even on my Tracker (purpose built 150 cc road trail bike for surf adventuring) the terrain was incredibly difficult. We paused at the top of the next rise after me burying the bike to the hubs in a rut, to reassess. A set rolled through on the reef & the pervious 20 mins evaporated, we pushed on. 5 minutes later & after another hectic decent we pulled the pin on the push. Conducting a 15 point turn on a 150kg machine on a slippery track on the side of a hill with a drop off to a creek on one side & rise on the other, was pretty farkn challenging & a bit scary. We made it & headed back up & down the track… At the top where we had left the road, we sat filthy, exhausted, soaked in sweat & rattled, thinking that was freakn nuts… we headed on to Are Guling.

The right hander was 4ft uncrowded & super fun, a good bit of power, Wade & I got plenty for the next cpl of hours.

That night, we treated ourselves to a whole fish BBQ & at $15 per fish (more than enough for one person) we demolished a Red Snapper & 2 Parrot fish between us. BEST MEAL of the TRIP so far… perfectly cooked, amazing spices, sauces & veges, neatly washed down by our Indo Gatorade (Bintang).

I suspect tomorrow more of the same, less the chaos of Davo & Wado’s not so excellent adventure.




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