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Where did we come from…

Hoi hoi,

To bring you all up to speed…  I thought I’d tell you a little about how CTRL V came into being & hopefully a little bit about where we are going.

CTRL V – it stuck

So like most surfers I have stuff ‘hanging’ around the house that reminds me of my passion.  Books, prints, knickknacks etc… even a few old boards.

On one of these old boards, a semi restored Sky twinnie, we had a family photo collage stuck to it & it was hanging on our living room wall.  After many years of enjoying this board & numerous positive comments from friends & family, it slipped into the recesses of my mind…

Fast forward to April, on holiday in Bali, surfing, thinking, dreaming,  ol’Sky burst into my mind with a vivid idea.  The idea was simple, create a medium for surfers to express themselves on their surfboards.

I know this is not a new idea, but if we could offer a range of contemporary images that spoke to & represented our culture, made it accessible, simple, high quality, something you could do yourself, use on boards that you already had, was value for money & unique… I thought it could be interesting.

Now I will let you in on a secret, I am an ideas man…. But normally these ideas require lots of cash, technical skill I don’t have or time I could never find… however I did have a passion for the sport & access to an amazing Graphic Designer, Dani (my wife).

So I caught a wave in, charged into our room & raved about this idea to Dani… so over the next few days & quite a few Bintang’s, CTRL V emerged.

So here we are, 4 months on & a week into CTRL V’s business birth, a rapid gestation, but a mature product.

CTRL V – is Sticky

OK, so CTRL V (control vee) as a name, has a hidden meaning, essentially it is the short cut key for paste… nothing more elaborate than that.  The concept is pretty simple too, we want to:

  • Enable board riders everywhere to express themselves;
  • Connect artists with a broad spectrum of new appreciators, and to

So with this vision we are off & running. We have had several very very cool opportunities so far, which has enabled a few interesting media opportunities to promote CTRL V.

Over the coming weeks / months & hopefully years, I am keen to keep you all up to date with our products, Artists, events and happenings from the CTRL V International Corporate Headquarters & dude ranch.



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