Bodyboard designs on DCals… So we’ve always had sticking up other stuff in the pipeline…

but we’ve just been focused on Surfboards to date. So a bit of RnD has been happening as to how we might work our DCals on other boards. We think we’ve nailed it! 

All of the CTRL V design ranges are available for your bodyboard, you can choose from our ‘Off the Rack‘ designs, step it up a notch and select one of our awesome designs from our ‘Artist Collection‘ or create your very own bodyboard design through our ‘BYO design’ range.

Typically, the cost for a 1/2 bodyboard decal will be between $60 and $75. For a full bodyboard decal, between $100 and $125.

Email and we can work out a cracking design for you!

Includes free application toolkit with every order!