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Board Art, Your Art, Your Way – Part 1

Over the next week here at the CTRL V HQ & Dude Ranch we are going to give you the run down on our DCals, take the mystery away & give you all the opportunity get your hands our your own DCal.

Never before have we had surf choice for how to dress up your stick.

Tints are back, traditional look for retro remakes. The beauty of clean colour worked into the finish can be breath taking.

Custom spays, colours, blocks, geometrics, creating some amazing clean looks.

Inlays are adding alternative options; inserting a digital image under the glass, or fabrics, provides us with truly unlimited options when our boards are made.

After your board is made hand painting your new stick is only limited by your artistic talents or maybe you know a mate who can bring your design to life.

& then we have a CTRL V DCal.

A DCal is made to measure BIG ARSE STICKER… but with several massive differences

DCals give you the flexibility, choice and range as they are digitally designed & printed.  You don’t need to be a Rembrandt, Drew Brophy, Banksy or some one else artsy to get something off the hook on your board.  The DCal gives amazing optical quality – it pops off your board, the DCal is precision cut to suit the outline of your board.

DCals are super resilient and made from a material that will stick to your board for years.  DCals won’t break down with the yellowing of the fibreglass and they are UV stable, maintaining there colour.

If you ding your board… take your DCal off, get your board fixed & stick a new one… Your DCal can be easily replaced and will cover up the repaired damage.

BUS_0123 copy


We regularly get asked whether a DCal will effect the performance of the board… Well we didn’t think , the material is ultra thin @0.3mm & weighs <150 grams for a whole board.  To be sure we have had the product tested by QS & CT surfers, with both Kelly Norris and Dimity Stoyle giving our DCals the thumbs up. Team Rider Freya Prumm is stoked on her Jimmi Hendrix Tribute – PopArt Haze.

Freya w Pop Art Haze

Freya w Pop Art Haze


So your choices are many…  best advice I give anyone when asked…  What ever you do, do it ‘cause you love it!  If that can be achieved by a CTRL V DCal… then we are stoked…


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