Dave West & Danielle Royall-West are the engine room behind CTRL V.

Dave a surfer, and Dani a leading Sunshine Coast graphic designer, have combined their passions, with a focus on Surf Wall Art and Surfable Art.

Whether it is our board or your board, our art or your art CTRL V decals have you covered both in the in your home, office or in the surf.

We also have a talented bunch of artists and photographers that we work with, to deliver a range of art styles onto boards, to hang or to surf.

David West

Catalyst | Creator | Conspirator

Dave West, is a newly sprung chicken when it comes to the free range of creative expression. Putting the bull into artist, Dave has a self-effacing style, lends irony to the subject.
Dave has an interest in simplicity & message. He has a focus on digital art & social comment.
Dave has had the privilege of surfing for almost 30 years & feels that surfers of all ages should have the opportunity to express themselves on their sleds, in any way, shape or form.
Dave loves his fam, friends, dogs, an active outdoors life & music (read obsessive)…

Dani Royall-West

Dynamic | Designer | Dreamer

Dani Royall-West runs a busy Graphic Design Agency & is the real engine room of CTRL V. With an eye for detail and a specialist in commercial graphics, Dani is a leader in her field.
Love what you are doing & do what you love is Dani’s approach to work and life. A mum with 3 boys, 2 dogs and husband… what time Dani has for relaxation is spent reading escapism fiction, learning more about design/art and loving the outdoors.
Dani is passionate about her work and this resonates with her clients. Check out Dani’s design agency www.dndgraphiks.com.au

The four important factors behind CTRL V

1. Make available a unique piece of art, with fantastic digital reproduction of images – to hang at home or in the office.
2. Connect a range of artists and photographers with a broader market of appreciators
3. Enable surfers and all board sport enthusiasts, everywhere, to customise their ride!

We hope you hop on board (pun intended…)